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Little Joe

Little JoeOver the winters of 2007–09 Crocker's performed a major refit on Little Joe. She is a 40’ 1952 Huckins Fairform Flyer. The project began after the boat struck a rock while leaving Booth Bay in Maine. The port strut was driven into the bottom causing the boat to flood. A quick thinking helmsman kept her from sinking by running her aground. The boat was then transported back to CBY for scheduled and unscheduled repairs and upgrades.

Repairs included the damage to the hull and running gear, along with several areas of damage caused by rot throughout the boat. The center cockpit need to be addressed and the engine hatches were replaced. Two areas on the cabin around windows had rotted due to poor drains. The flybridge deck and framing were also replaced because of water damage and undersize framing. There a were a number of small hull repairs also.

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