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NEWS | Winter 2010

It is officially the end of another great year at Crocker’s Boat Yard. We are almost done packing all 158 storage boats away for the winter. 158—a new record for CBY!

It has been an incredibly busy fall. Chris and I have spent a lot of time meeting with customers and estimating projects. Keith and his crew have done a great job packing the boats in the yard leaving enough room to move boats in and out for winter work. Mary and her crew have been busy with inside paint and varnish, as well as helping with shrink-wrap. The mechanics are putting yard boats and equipment to bed for the winter and are also lending a hand with shrink-wrap. The entire staff has really pulled together this year for a real team effort to make sure we get everything done before the holiday.

We don’t have any major boat restoration lined up this winter, however we still have a wide variety of projects to keep us busy. Two boats will have parts of their decks re-cored. Trident (not the new one) is getting new rub rails, a couple of planks and some paintwork done. Little Joe is having some work done to the stem and inner planking in the bow. We are replacing the dead wood in Second Wind. We are building a fishing dock for the town of Essex as well as repairing one of the Manchester Yacht Club docks. Hunter III is getting new transmissions and some systems upgrades. The yard crew will be rigging out a new workboat to replace our whaler that we use for mooring work. Some of the other jobs are dock repairs, small electronic packages, and refrigeration. Please feel free to stop by any time and check out any of these projects and check out our web site for project updates.

If you are considering any winter work upgrades that you haven’t mentioned, now is the time. Manufactures are offering great deals on engines, electronics, rigging systems, and we are offering labor and storage discounts to help as well.

Don’t forget to get to the New England Boat Show
and the Maine Boat Builders Show

Any products you see at these shows we can get and we will match show prices, in some cases we will do better! Engines we will sell at cost with installation and 50% off your storage. Selden has some new products in their line up including reversible winches and an electric furler retrofit. We are a dealer for Selden products and can offer deep discounts.

Thanks to all our customers for a great season! Watch for emails in January letting you know of up coming events and new products for the New Year. I hope you all enjoy the holidays and we look forward to working with you in 2011!






Manchester Harbor
Mooring & Waterway
Regulations (proposal)

November/December 2010 Draft

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Harbor Advisory Committee Progress Summary for
The Cricket

January 17, 2011
Submitted by Karen Smith Crawley, Chair

As Chair of the Manchester Harbor Advisory Committee, I am placing monthly updates of our progress in The Cricket in an effort to increase transparency and encourage feedback regarding the harbor. Committee members include me, Karen Smith Crawley, Chair; Ron Morin – Vice Chair; Tom Kiely – Secretary; Doug Heath, Gordon Abbott, John Lopresti, and Dick Salter. Our contact information is on the Town’s website. Since my last update at Thanksgiving time, most of our work continued to be focused on producing a proposed draft of new mooring regulations to the Board of Selectmen (BOS). Ron Morin and his Mooring Regulations Research Team did a great job facilitating pulling this draft together. In addition, many townspeople and stakeholders provided us with much-needed input, suggestions, comments and discussions which helped immensely in producing the draft. Our thanks go out to all who provided input. I emailed a copy of the draft to the BOS on January 7, and a discussion about the regulations is on their meeting agenda scheduled for Tuesday, January 18. It is my understanding that the BOS will be scheduling additional discussions(s).

Dredging for Areas B and C is moving forward and the Town is meeting with CLE Engineering and the Waterways Division. The Committee should be receiving an update of this meeting from the Town Manager at our next meeting on January 20. We will continue to help out any way we can if it is needed.

The Harbormaster has asked that we change our meeting day from Thursday to a different evening as he has a conflict with Thursday evenings. In addition, the Harbormaster’s office is open that evening making it impossible for the Assistant Harbormaster to attend when we start at 6:30pm. We will discuss this change and determine a new evening at our meeting on the 20th.

I will be dissolving certain projects of my Mooring Status and Administration Research Team as the Harbormaster has asked that I not help the Assistant Harbormaster in organizing the public records with regards to moorings and dinghy docks as I am not an employee. For the same reason, I will not be helping the Assistant Harbormaster on the boat this spring matching mooring buoy numbers to boats and ultimately to the office records. Instead, I will likely focus my efforts on the abandoned moorings and getting them reassigned as soon as possible.

Tom Kiely of the Safety Research Team has been making a list of various safety issues and maintenance concerns relating to the harbor which will likely be placed on the agenda of a February meeting.

The Committee welcomes Gabe Mongiello as Assistant Harbormaster, and we look forward to working with him and appreciate the input he has provided the Committee to date.

As always, please feel free to contact any one of us. We need your input.

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