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NEWS | Spring 2010

Dear CBY Friends and Customers,

The weather has been perfect for spring commissioning and as I look out the window, the yard is almost empty.  Hopefully all of you have been able to get out and enjoy the great spring weather.  It is now June 1st and we wanted to recap the winter and highlight some events to look forward to this summer.

The winter, thankfully, turned out to be much busier than anticipated, small and large work orders have been coming in all winter.  Thanks to all of you who sent in work orders. The crews have been working hard to meet deadlines and get as much done as possible before we start our busy spring schedule. Please feel free to drop by and see for yourself what is going on.

There are also some new faces around the yard. For starters Chris Walsh, as you all have heard by now, is our new yard manager. If you haven’t had a chance come by and meet with him, please do. He and I hope to meet with each boat owner this spring. Teresea Gannett joins the paint and varnish crew; Tremaine Surro is our new head mechanic; Carl Natti, who most of you will remember, is also back in the mechanics department; Joel Dion is helping Keith in the yard as well as Billy McNamara who has returned for another summer. Simone Murphy will be assisting the office staff on a seasonal part-time basis. Another last minute addition is Tim McCourt who also has joined the finish crew. Tim brings many other skills to the yard so don’t be surprised where you see him.

There are a couple of upcoming events on the harbor we would like everyone to know about. The first is the Manchester Essex Rotary Striper Tournament from July 9-11.

The second is the Crocker Memorial Race July 17.  Check with us for more information on both events.  These events are geared toward family participation and should be a great time.

This summer Crocker’s will be offering specials on pre and post cruise oil changes and tune-ups. Also, let us put together a spare parts kit to take with you to avoid any unnecessary delays while waiting for simple parts. Let us know if you would like slip space for loading and unloading. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into a problem while cruising, even if you are far from Manchester Harbor.

For all you racers, especially the high stakes Crocker Memorial race participants, we will be offering round trip hauling, launching, and power washing for $3 per foot for July and August for CBY storage customers.  We can touch up the bottom paint, check and replace zincs and grease the max prop at the same time. Please call Chris or Skip for details and scheduling.

Raka is entering the final stages of her deck project. Her new teak decks look great and we are excited to start putting the finishing touches together on her. Don’t forget to check us out at The Wooden Boat show in Mystic CT, June 25-27.

Narada is also nearing completion. She has had her cockpit sole replaced, along with a more substantial stainless steel mounting bracket below deck for her binnacle. I have talked to some of her crew and they seem to have a renewed confidence in the boat!

A couple of new products being offered by Crocker’s this season are non-splintering tall buoys and soft mooring balls. We have had several inquiries about what to do when your pick-up buoy splinters and we have finally found a product with a whip with a plastic coating to keep those itchy fiberglass splinters out of your hands. The same company offers soft foam mooring balls. If you have an area-G mooring with a hard ball that some time scratches your hull you may want to consider having it swapped out. We will be using Crocker’s mooring as test moorings. If you have any interest in these or other new products you hear about, give us a call. We can get you anything you need or want and offer competitive pricing, including West Marine Products. Most items we can have delivered to us overnight and we can put them on board your boat for your convenience.

Another way we have expanded our mooring services is with the sales and service of Helix Mooring Systems. These moorings actually screw into the sea floor. They offer great holding ability and cause less damage to the bottom.  All new Area-G moorings must be a Helix mooring per the Town of Manchester.  This is an effort to help protect one of the nation’s largest Eel Grass beds. All tackle owned by Crocker’s Boat Yard in Area-G will be switched out this season. We also will be switching out our own float moorings.

As always, stop by anytime and let us show you what is going on around the yard. Chris and Skip are available to answer any questions or help you with any project you are considering. Work orders and other information are available on our web site as well.


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