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NEWS | Fall 2010

The last days of summer are here and sadly, we are busy putting boats away for winter. We can’t complain too much though, the weather this season has been superb for boating. I hope all of you were able to take advantage of it.
We have been busy here, and there have been a few changes around the yard this season. The first thing most people notice is the crane. CBY purchased a Grove 35 ton crane. This allows us to be much more productive at low tide. The crane has a 125’ working radius, and we can pull spars and haul small boats at any tide. Eventually, the derrick on the corner of the building will be removed.
We also acquired a small mooring barge that we will use for mooring maintenance and installations of Helix moorings ( and Hazelett mooring pendants ( We will still be using the tug for setting and moving traditional block moorings and ice breaking when needed.
In August, the paint crew spent some time cleaning and painting around the yard, and it looks great. The yard crew and carpenters also got together and replaced four sections of docks, and we were able to create three small slips for next summer. We will also be updating our electrical and water service on the docks and installing new power posts this winter.
Most of you have sent back your storage contracts and are filling out winter work orders. If there is any work you are considering, let us know. If you have long-term ideas, let us help you put together a plan to budget for improvements and maintenance over next few years. Chris and I look forward to meeting with every customer (storage and non-storage) this off-season to discuss anything you may need from us. As always, we offer discounted rates on labor, materials, and storage for larger projects. As in the past few years, we will be billing mechanical and electrical work at $10.00 off our usual rate for winter work. If you are happy with us, tell your friends. and if they bring their boat to CBY for storage, we will give you a 20% storage credit.
We at CBY value our customers and strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Input from our customers is always appreciated. We realize, as a boat owner, you have several choices for maintenance and storage. We thank all of you for your loyalty to CBY, please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
Skip and Chris



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