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Narada is a Francis Kinney Pipe Dream 37. She is a classic cruising boat with a large cockpit and accommodations for six. Her owners really enjoy her, and use her for day sailing, cruising to Maine, and racing. She is a seaworthy boat capable of off shore sailing, and takes part in the Halifax race. With her classic profile, she is often mistaken for Meteor, an Augie Nielson design also maintained at CBY.

Over the years, we have made several improvements on Narada, including Electronics and a repower. Recently she underwent Awl gripping, which involved the repair of several areas where the gel coat had been damaged. A boot top was also added, giving her a longer, sleeker appearance and really makes her look sharp.

Over the winter of 2009–10, the owner had CBY look at his binnacle. Some movement fore and aft had developed and he was rightfully concerned. CBY found that the structure under the cockpit was failing. The fasteners were very close to the edge of plywood under lament, which was rotting after years of being wet.

Narada had a few other issues that needed to be addressed. She didn’t breathe well in the area aft of the engine and the cockpit lockers were always damp. She also had a poor internal scupper system that didn’t drain well. The scuppers leaked constantly, adding to the dampness.

CBY came up with a plan to address these issues. First we removed the binnacle and cockpit sole. Instead of reinstalling a wood structure to support the binnacle and the cockpit sole, we used a stainless steel support fabricated at CBY. The limited space between access for emergency tiller aft and storage locker forward didn’t allow for much of a wooden structure that would last and take the load of crew hanging on the binnacle in rough conditions.

The stainless steel allowed us to spread the load out and tie into the vertical faces of the cockpit locker. This created a much stiffer cockpit sole and binnacle, without sacrificing storage or access to the head of the rudder for the emergency tiller.

All the wood that was replaced was sealed with epoxy before any finish was applied. All existing wood was stripped and sealed with epoxy and the bilges were cleaned and painted.

To address the poor ventilation under the cockpit, vents were cut in the faces of the cockpit lockers and stainless steel louvers were installed over them. And a vent was also reinstalled aft. This has increase airflow through the boat, and she is much drier below.

The internal scuppers in the side decks were removed. The deck was patched and scuppers were cut in the rail to allow the decks to drain. Doing this eliminated another source of water in the boat from leaking hoses and simplified the rest of the scupper system.


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