Crocker's Boat Yard is stocking Adda-Top

Crocker is a trusted provider of Adda-Top universal top kits by RT Marine. RT Marine thrives on innovation technology and state-of-the-art boating products.

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Adda-Top Crocker can install

Fits Center Consoles 28″ – 42″


  • GAMMA 88″x64″ Top (white, grey, sea foam, carolina blue, or sand)
  • Universal Tower System (Powder Coated with hardware)
  • Adjustable brackets that make the system universal and hardware.
  • Ebox with custom hatch door
  • (4) White LED spreader lights
  • (1) LED indicator Switch

The patent pending universal groove throughout the entire tower system allows for mounting locations to different consoles. Each kit comes with (2) 2″x4″ and (2) 3″ x 5″ brackets for installation.

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